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Where did the Expendables come from? Let me tell you a little story.
Many years ago Andy and I played for different teams. Granted we never played against each other we did manage to play some scenario games together. Personal tragedy struck my team with the loss of a few players and his and the teams pretty much quit playing.

Fast forward roughly 5 years and tragedy struck Andy's family with the brutal murder of his daughter. Andy wanted to honor her and do a benefit in his daughters name and what better way than to take it to the paintball field! During one of the games Andy and I were holding the entire left side of the field by ourselves, providing total domination and thinking, "this is awesome"! At the end of the event we were chatting and thought, " Hey wanna put the band back together?"

So here we are with The Expendables back at it with a whole new level of determination. The reason we chose purple in our gear some may ask; purple ribbon is symbolic to the Domestic Violence support movement and It was also Ally's favorite color. So our mission now is to bring awareness to Domestic Violence issues that plague our society and help those in need, both on and off the field. It's been a little over a year since Andy and I stepped back onto the field and I for one love having new players joining us and learning the game. The benefits are 1000 fold and cross over when supporting others as has it become our passion. So if you see us at the field come on over and say hello.

We have grown enough to constitute a website and are in the process of bringing you one as you can see by reading this. Keep checking back for information and content! We are excited to be bringing this to you and are looking forward to sharing it as well!

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We are pleased to announce that the foundation website is now online.The ARF is our nonprofit charity dedicated to empowering lifestyles free of domestic violence.

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